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The A B C D of Vegetable soups

Soups being the staple of the winter season as the hot serving is making it a perfect fit for winters.

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“Are you overweight?”
“Are you sick?”
“Are you having dentures?”
“Have you undergone surgery?”
“Do you have no appetite?”
And the list goes on. The exclusive solution is Vegetable soup.
Yes, this marvelous dish is the most healthy one.
What is the soup?
Soup is the common preparation of vegetables and leafy greens. This is generally in the form of stock or cream-based. Soups being the staple of the winter season as the hot serving is making it a perfect fit for winters. Also, salads are not that appealing during winters because they are cold so a hot bowl of soup is the fit option.
Vegetable soups are nutrition-rich, as they are low-calorie with high-energy meals. There are several benefits of having vegetable soup.
Being low calorie and high nutrients they are the ultimate solution for weight loss. Also, they are a part of the detox diet for weight loss by simply adding some ingredients to it. The fiber content of vegetables lets you feel fuller for a long also the watery consistency makes you feel satisfied. So it aids in weight loss.

Being high fiber one option aids digestion. It is simply done by supporting the intestinal bowel movement and increase the absorption of nutrients thus supports digestion. As a starter in meals in place of salad vegetable soup facilitates digestion and prevents flatulence, constipation, and other gastro problems.

Vegetable soups are a great fit for immunity. Vegetables being a powerhouse of antioxidants shield the immune system from free radicals and other pathogens and bacteria. As antioxidants fight against free radicals so it also makes your skin healthy by delaying aging, wrinkles, spots, dark circles, and blemishes, etc.
Almost all the vitamins are present in vegetables and the best part is the soup preparation is the way which preserves the nutrient content.
Soups make you hydrated as they are water-based. The vegetable soup contains all the nutrients carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals along with water is makes the body energetic and hydrated at the same time.

Bone health is also enhanced by vegetable soup as vegetables contain vitamin D and calcium so osteoporosis in the elderly is being prevented by vegetable soup if taken daily.

Heart-healthy pick. The low calorie and unsaturated fat of the vegetables with high fiber content make it the best pick for heart health. It prevents plaque formation by the accumulation of cholesterol in arteries.

Soup is a preparation that preserves all the nutrition of vegetables in it as no water is discarded and no overcooking is done. It’s just prepared with light sauteeing so this delicacy nourishes the body a d supplement it with various nutrients.

Vegetable soup prevents you from various chronic diseases which occur due to overweight or obesity say type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

But all of the above benefits are only when you are preparing the soup with the best fit and healthy ingredients. And when it is prepared at home rather buying from markets. So home cooking is demanding the right ingredients with a balanced amount for healthy vegetable soup preparation.

Here are some unhealthy ingredients which only enhance the taste but make the nutrition zero.
Thickening agents – full cream milk, heavy creams, coconut cream, cornstarch, bread, cheese, and egg yolk. In the field of diet, the only thing which is the key to health is a portion size irrespective of what you are eating. So if you’re adding any of these thickening agents in your vegetable soup preparation then be aware of the amount you are using. All these thickening agents are weight-increasing ones. And you are aware of the side effects of weight gain in excess.
Another harmful ingredient is sodium. As for vegetables have their sodium content already but the ready-to-eat or canned vegetable soups are loaded with preservatives for their increased shelf life. The high sodium content of the canned product used in preservatives like sodium benzoates leads you to have high blood pressure, stroke, and kidney diseases. Also if you’re preparing it at home then also you must be aware of salt addition. Just don’t overdose salt instead you can use oregano, garlic, basil, and chili flakes for the healthy soup option.

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To have your ready-to-eat vegetable soups don’t just depend on the markets but you can freeze your soups and whenever you’re tired or not be able to cook just take it out and boil. And let go of your tiredness with the warm and delicious energetic dish.

The healthy vegetable soups include
Tomato soup- Tomatoes are carotenoid-rich vegetables. They have lycopene which acts as an antioxidant and prevents cancer. The best thing is this molecule is best absorbed after cooking. So tomato soup is the healthiest and to be honest with you all, my favorite pick among soups. I can never say a no to my pick of tomato soup.

Mix vegetable soups- In this preparation all the vegetables are taken and chopped finely. So almost all the nutrients say vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, selenium, silicon, phosphorus, chlorides, and what not are been offered to your body along with fiber. So how one can say a no to this super-nutritious meal?

The pulse, beans, legumes soup- Not exactly the vegetable soup but being the vegetarian soup we can count this option in. The best part is it’s a highly proteinaceous one.

How to prepare the vegetable soup?
It’s simpler than you cook other preparation of your meals.
The fundamental of preparing any type of vegetable soup is same. Let’s just focus on the ingredients used and the general cooking process of vegetable soup.

Ingredients –
•Veggies if vegetable soup or else you a use pulses, legumes, beans, sweetcorn, etc.
•Spices- Garlic, onion, ginger, cumin seeds, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, Apple cider vinegar, black pepper, chili flakes, and oregano.

Finely chopped the veggies and boil them in water meanwhile sautee the spices as you cook for other vegetable preparations.
Now add boiled vegetables and the sauteed spices and cook until they both blends don’t overcook.
Serve hot with your meals or solely as a meal.

If you’re using pulses, legumes, or beans then just first pressure cook them and don’t discard the water but boil them afterward in the same. Rest do the same as above.

Vegetable soups should not be strained as their fiber is lost and it’s just the leftover. So don’t do this foolish practice.
Hope you’re been aware of the fact now that is vegetable soup is healthy or not? So don’t forget to tame your pick of a veg soup bowl.

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